Janelle Tierney

I am here to help with all your real estate needs

Today’s buyers aren’t just looking for a house; they’re looking for a unicorn - a magical, perfect, dream-come-true home. And Janelle Tierney is Omaha’s very own Unicorn Hunter.

Janelle serves Omaha’s & Council Bluffs metro area homebuyers by finding unicorns wherever they may be. Sometimes they’re easy-to-find, just sitting pretty on the market, waiting for their ideal homeowners to come claim them. Sometimes they’re hiding in plain sight, sitting on the market, but camouflaged under outdated fixtures and questionable paint colors. And sometimes they’re buried deep, not even on the market yet. That’s why you need the Unicorn Hunter in your corner.

Janelle uses her drive, her persistence, and her network of industry contacts to find unicorns, on-market or off. 

But she doesn’t stop there. Finding your unicorn is just step one. From there, Janelle negotiates aggressively on your behalf to get you the best price and the best terms. Then she expertly guides you through the required documentation and oversees your purchase through the escrow process until the keys are finally in your hands, and the unicorn officially belongs to you.

And if you have a unicorn to sell, Janelle has a unique marketing strategy to get your home sold as quickly as possible for top dollar!

Janelle found her own unicorn in the Little Italy area of Dahlman in 2015. She loves walking her dogs on the trails along the river and biking into downtown. As a REALTOR® at Nebraska Realty, Janelle is an active member of the Omaha community and is held to a strict Code of Ethics that standard real estate agents are not required to meet. Janelle works tirelessly for her clients, even earning the Seniors Real Estate Specialist (SRES) designation to help seniors transition into their forever unicorns.    

You need more than a real estate agent in today’s market. You deserve a reliable REALTOR® who will hustle on your behalf, someone who has the knowledge and skills to save you time and money as you build wealth through your real estate assets. Call or text Janelle today so she can start the hunt for your unicorn!

What clients say about Janelle Tierney

Let me start off by saying you will never be disappointed with Janelle! Our first realtor was a nightmare! Janelle took her time and inspected every single house we looked at. She was looking at windows, roofs, under the carpet, etc. She always went above and beyond. Any time of the day we called her she was there, even just to talk or listen. She was showing us houses at 7am and at 9pm, whatever WE wanted. She DOES NOT work an 8-5 job like most people. She works for her clients. She was late ONE TIME and gave me a scooters gift card. In my opinion, she should have been late more times cause I love coffee! She treated us like family from day one! I am so pleased to have chosen her because I dont think this whole process would have went as smooth as it did if it wasnt for her. Thank you so much for everything!


One of the best realtors out there. If not the best. She really works with and for her clients, couldn't see us using anyone esle. Thanks alot

Willie White

Being in sales I understand how hard it is to accommodate every customer. Janelle is tops in my book! She showed us 20+ houses and worked around our schedule even showing us houses at 10 at night! She would communicate with us on a daily basis sending us information on houses that we might be interested in purchasing. I am the type of person who likes to be involved with every part of the process and every time I contacted her she already had everything taken care of. This was the smoothest house buying process I have ever had. Thank you Janelle for helping us find our dream house!

Patrick Johnston